World View

Welcome to Weather Underground's World View! A weekly pictorial review of weather around the globe submitted by the WunderPhoto community.

1. WU's Last Hurrah

Uploaded by: platinum2 Tuesday February 28, 2017 Trinidad, CO

All good things seem to come to an end !! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I'm sorry to see it end !! I say goodbye to all the friends I have made and I hope we'll be lucky enough to see You in the future !!

2. WU Sunset

Uploaded by: Zeman88 Sunday February 26, 2017 Rolfe, IA

As the final sun sets on WunderPhotos, I reminisce about all of the pictures I've submitted and all of the great pictures others have submitted from all over. This site really made photography fun and it will definitely be missed.

3. Goodbye Wunderphotos

Uploaded by: gemini Monday February 27, 2017 Pass Christian, MS

It's been a fun 15 years, but all good things never last forever.

4. Goodbye To WU Photos

Uploaded by: llpj04 Friday February 24, 2017 Ponchatoula, LA

5. Farewell WunderPhotos

Uploaded by: Kajzar Monday February 27, 2017 Ksawerów , Polska

I'd like to say thank you to all Weather Underground Staff and Users who made this place so great and unique for so many years! I will miss it!

6. Sorry to see Wunderphotos go!!!

Uploaded by: TheZaraspook Monday February 27, 2017 Dewitt, CA

The view from the top of the hill. Novato CA.

7. Sun Going Down 1

Uploaded by: KSMc Monday February 27, 2017 Ann Arbor, MI

I have been posting photos on Wunderground for almost 12 years. It has been a wonderful experience. I have shared photos and discussions with people from all over the world, learned a lot about nature, weather, photography and life from all of you. I hate to see it end and hope to continue to share photos on the Wunder Photos sites on FaceBook and Flickr and see all of you there.

8. Goodby Friends 4

Uploaded by: Nikongranny Monday February 27, 2017 Shenandoah, IA

9. WUPhotos an Eye View Through the Lens!

Uploaded by: jlync Wednesday February 22, 2017 Palm Bay, FL

Sharing Nature and Weather are the Wonders of the World!!! They both relate to each other as one effects the other! We can learn So Much from Both during the Changes in the Weather and Nature itself! Sharing them Both provides an Endless Supply of information in what to expect in and from the Weather and Much More! Just takes a moment to take Notice! Keep Looking up and Sharing Moments !!! 💫 WU 💫 ⭐🐦⭐ Looking Upward ! ⭐🐦⭐ *Still Hoping* ⭐🐦⭐

10. WunderFamily

Uploaded by: RevMac Friday February 24, 2017 Brentwood, TN

What a wonderful experience we've enjoyed as a WunderFamily - you all have been a bright light and joy breaking through any dark clouds (but truthfully we love the storm clouds too!).

11. Wunder Photos last hours

Uploaded by: mind20set16 Friday February 24, 2017 Herkimer, NY

What a great website this has been viewing other photography enthusiasts photos! It has been a great community to

12. Sunrise OR Sunset????

Uploaded by: Madermade Tuesday February 21, 2017 Chico, TX

As we are saying goodbye to WunderPhotos, it is our choice to choose whether we want this to be a sunrise or a sunset. I choose sunrise....a new beginning. Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, NOT how we left it. Yes, it is sad, and having WunderPhotos is a loss for everyone, including WeatherUnderground. but I thank them for providing a place for us to see the beauty that this world has to offer and giving birth to a community of friends.

13. Gonna Miss You Guys :(

Uploaded by: Susie77 Sunday February 26, 2017 Marquette, MI

A ferocious little snow squall blew through here this afternoon, giving us white-out conditions and high winds for a brief period. Then the sun came out just in time to set. I will miss you amazing photographers and friends when they close this joint down. May your lenses always frame beauty and may your souls be at peace.

14. Last rays

Uploaded by: fcholden Saturday February 25, 2017 Torquay , Australia

With Venus

15. Last Ride at Sunset

Uploaded by: tainochief Monday February 27, 2017 Marina , Puerto Rico

Never a dull sunset on our beach in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

16. Rainbow reflections

Uploaded by: weatherpope Saturday February 25, 2017 Waltham, MA

17. Farm Fresh Rainbow

Uploaded by: weatherpope Saturday February 25, 2017 Lexington, MA

18. 22° Halo and Tangent Arc

Uploaded by: katy99780 Thursday February 23, 2017 Tok, AK

This icy 22° halo and tangent arc (above) in the late afternoon setting sun sent me dashing indoors for the camera.

19. Rainbow

Uploaded by: Feather3 Wednesday February 22, 2017 CA

Finding the end in this location can be rather tricky. This was actually the third of three I saw this morning while hiking - and, I got hailed on. I will be missing WU Photos a lot and am hopeful they reconsider dropping it. <3

20. Beams and Ripples

Uploaded by: cctxshirl Wednesday February 22, 2017 Corpus Christi, TX

21. The Almond Orchards Are Blooming!

Uploaded by: joeblahblah Tuesday February 28, 2017 Chico, CA

22. 30 minutes after Sunset

Uploaded by: Traveler907 Monday February 27, 2017 Missoula, MT

February 26th over Missoula @ 19:00

23. Wet & Wild

Uploaded by: Doesiedoats Thursday February 23, 2017 Williams, OR

Chilly too! It rains, then hails, then snows and back to rain again.
Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes; it's sure to change!

24. February clouds

Uploaded by: Redhills Wednesday February 22, 2017 Parowan, UT

February clouds before the snow

25. Applegate reservior

Uploaded by: Thebarbster Friday February 24, 2017 Applegate, OR

26. February Storm

Uploaded by: Vanana Saturday February 25, 2017 Newport News, VA

The incredible sunset after a strong storm blew through Feb. 25.

27. LibbyTown Sunrise East

Uploaded by: Alphaholik Friday February 24, 2017 Portland, ME

28. IMG_4413_4_5.jpg

Uploaded by: wximagery95 Wednesday February 22, 2017 Olney Springs, CO

29. AZ Sunset

Uploaded by: ElRoyal Wednesday February 22, 2017 Glendale, AZ

30. Spring Color

Uploaded by: Railheel Saturday February 25, 2017 Rutherfordton, NC

Flowers and sunrise rolled into one.

31. Nevada white against Nevada blue

Uploaded by: RenoSoHill Wednesday February 22, 2017 Reno, NV

Heavy wet snow against a bright blue sky

32. Mild Weather Takes Toll on Lake Ice

Uploaded by: WalksLikeWolf Thursday February 23, 2017 Elliot Lake , Canada

33. Wind Blown Snow at Sunset

Uploaded by: 2mred Sunday February 26, 2017 Buford, WY

Cold 10 degree evening with strong winds, Vedauwooo WY

34. Sunrise Finisterra Cabo San Lucas

Uploaded by: BurtFamily Sunday February 26, 2017 Cabo San Lucas , Mexico

Sunrise from our room at the Sandos Finisterra Hotel in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Wonderful vacation and accommodations were exceptional.

35. River View

Uploaded by: kippic Saturday February 25, 2017 Silverton, WA

Along the Stillaguamish River.