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By: vis0 , 10:41 AM GMT on February 27, 2016

Taz get someone to create an Addon script for this (i had a French gentleman do a rough draft script for a firefox Addon (was testing it on a blog i had ~2008)  but that HardDrive broke and the gentleman married. moved to China never heard from him again.


Posted parts of this idea on a Dr. Masters blogbyte ~1-2 years ago.


At the moment one clicks on the IGNORE button gives one a false sense of security - like todays society that ignores people and people/members disappear.


i asked that French gentleman to create a script where one can select how long the ignore lasts (no more than 2 weeks before one is reminded that person is back with this button,  im baaaaaaackkkkk and after a week it remains as oh--- yeah thats why OR yer not so bad afterall thanks 4the 2spot to remind one that this person at one point or another was on ignore)



Why have one go through re-ignoring a member?


The BooBoo Yoda reasoning::

So they learn that one should never fully ignore anyone in real life as you never know if that person might change their ways which the "ignorrer / ignoree" used to judge that person thus not like and ignore them.


Another feature exclusive to a weather site was to include a feature to recognize any REAL ALERT.



As in, what if that person you placed on ignore on a certain day was the first to notice a severe storm heading in the direction of the person that ignored them.


That person on ignore copy and pastes a NOAA or SOC alert.


Those that have that person on ignore might see the warning a minute later when another person posts the same warning, which could be the difference from heading towards a safer area in the well built home or being caught going there, not cause the one in danger does not care (sadly a form of natural selection) but because they added an artificial form of ignorance by ignoring another person. (i.e. where natural selection meets oops).


The added feature was if the Addon recognizes the alert to match the SPC alert word for word (or a sites editor could adjust it to accept a certain percentage as 90% word for word in case someone adds GET TO THE BASEMENT) as its being pasted, the Addon's auto-settings discontinues that member from being on ignore just for that copy n paste and the ignore icon BLINKS as this




or use the LOST IN SPACE (TV) Robot with wildly swinging titanium arms (for PDF readers between background colour i.e. blank and the green icon you just read by) for 24 hours.

VERY  IMPORTANT ANY warning icon blinks in a 2(or bit higher) to 1 ratio so the eyes and minds eye sees it, too steady of an alternating blink might be read as either just off or just ON as one scrolls a page.




Here the feature Taz wants::

When another member posts a reply to the ignored member those that have the ignored member on ignore causes the ignore icon in this colour    to appear instead of the ignored words, BTW this would also appear where ever the ignored person posted a comment instead of this  gives one a false sense of security - like todays society that ignores people.


After every third day for 2 weeks a specific percentage of the ignored persons text would slowly reappear ONLY IN THE comments that quote that ignored person as::


Lets say goodness forbid i placed someone whom is annoying on ignore...lets see whom do i pick...


i know!, "vis0".


vis0 posts the following::


"Its 'cause the ml-d push-pulled and the declination of the insinuation of the formation was in conflictation with the conjunction function."


Taz would see the following today with the present ignore system as to a sar2401 comment on vis0s 1st generation comment::


Quote 3,000,654 vis0:

  Its 'cause the ml-d push-pulled and the declination of the insinuation of the formation was in conflictation with the conjunction function.  


(IF SAR2401 replied, maybe this) vis0 your a gem, not because I understand but it helped radar dog as he felt sluggish yet after I showed it to radar dog and he gave it 4 poops and a tail wag.


With the grayed out style of this Addon you see this: (amount of days that pass by from whence one if first placed on ignore are in brackets, by 14th days the ignored is back with this icon   next to their comments to remind that member that this member was at one time on ignore)


click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read




click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read





click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read







click for orginal image twice as wide easier to read



On day 15th this icon im baaaaaaackkkkk  shows up for a week then turns into this   as explained above.

Now from when one sees the violet coloured icon im baaaaaaackkkkk one can place that person back on ignore.



Why all this?

Cause my fav show was cancelled and i have 30 minutes of free time on my hands, naaahh?oooo!

Its kause i kare, yeah that why?!


See one of my pet peeves as to the Internet is that its the first Technological advancement in this version of the Human race where "humans" are allowing it to determine their thought process.   

Other advancements has the ability to affect man's thought but not entirely as most recent the typing press, even years later as tabloids where created one could still have quality books/magazines written by side next to the tabloids great writings as the bible**, MAD magazine and Playboy (great articles, really!).

Its okay that new tings are invented that past generations don't understand but young generations luv.

My problem is that the Internet went from nothing to super duper fast without any CHOICE FOR regulations as to its settings in its HTML scripting.  NOTICE i posted CHOICE not forced settings but to have tick boxes on day one that the INTERNET went public where one could choose how to view the INTERNET and have those choices be humane.


One of those more humane methods is the ignore feature presented above.


Another was, kids could not use the Internet during classroom time, only during break time or after school (if there were after school education programs) and scramblers in schools only allowed emergency messages, calls from parents and 2nd in-line to parents cell phone calls. (if Apple or any company TRULY CARED OF KIDS AND LEARNING  this can easily have been added to public schools, hey they have super tough encryption technology and that is harder to create...oh as to that i was hoping to get a few friends to go to the Apple "don't break my code" protests dressed up as Hitler, Gandhi, Idi Amin & Mother Teresa and ask which of these folks would and wouldn't mind having their iphone encryptions opened IF they had iPhones...we know what happened as to "Enigma", again FBI searching not as to one personal life but serious crimes, sure FIRST Supreme court should lay down laws as to not use finding of any other misconduct be it personal or business related unless it relates directly to the crime being searched for, not just for the privacy of the public but for the usefulness of its information to withstand court appeals, lets call it the electronic investigative  eavesdropping & information obtaining  hard evidence  or   uhh...  e i e i - OHE 

...with a "da*n dam*" here, a "no no" there there and a "wha-da-fa" here...  


(yes kids i meant waterfall or as Mr Lawrence Welk would say "wandafa wandafa"  as bubbles flew everywhere, and most thought it was "wonderful wonderful")


...oh McDonald had a phone and now he's been served with an e i e i OHE!)




** (ordinal version better - more informative parables - than edition number 2 through 543...)

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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