02/11/17 Problems with ViaSat/Exede/Wildblue data and Weather Station!

By: nobyter , 4:08 PM GMT on February 11, 2017

It has finally happened... My weather station and webcam is now being blocked during the day by ViaSat because of data overages. They say that when you reach the limit, they just slow down your connection (not true anymore). In the past, when I had overages, the weather station and webcam uploaded okay. It still works at night when they have the "free" period. They changed the way data is counted and now the data uploaded by the weather station and webcam are counted as streaming. I used 7 gigs, somehow, in 9 days, and 3 more gigs in 4 more days. I am over the limit. For the first time, my weather and web cam uploads are blocked from Weather Underground. I also can't get my Norton Security info online and they were blocking FOX news (no biggy). If this continues, I may have to shut down the weather/webcam on Weather Underground. I realize that ViaSat/Exede/Wildblue is trying to get their customers to upgrade their data plans in order to make more money. I emailed them with this complaint and they said "Good luck finding a better deal". I refuse to give them more money! Corporate Greed!

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