BlueBird NEVER ON FEEDER Yes Today Bluebird Box Hung Cardinals & More Radar Rain Wind

By: WeatherWise, 3:12 AM GMT on March 01, 2017

Today's biggest excitement was at the long woodpecker suet feeder. Fairly late afternoon, I noticed a bird on the other side feeding. I just knew it was the catbird as he arrived yesterday - probably the couple. At any rate, I tapped on the window and it paid me no mind just like the catbird. All of a sudden, I realized it as not the catbird....had that little red breast like Sandi's robin. And I am thinking what in the world - what kind of bird is that....

Bluebirds Bluebird Box Cardinals Birds Radar Rain

Happy March Sketch 302 Club Approvers Choice for Cardinal Pretty Flower Radar

By: WeatherWise, 3:08 AM GMT on February 28, 2017

Happy March and Best Wishes - I decided I better do my sketch today and get it uploaded as NOT Certain what tomorrow will bring as to whether the cut off is tonight at midnight or if it is tomorrow at midnight. The weather is so that I did not draw typical things like the kite as I feel like we have had March winds the whole month of February. I did do the in like a lion and out like a lamb just for the old time tradition. There is not more Spring that c...

White Rabbits Sketching Approvers Choice Cardinals Radar

Updated: 6:16 AM GMT on February 28, 2017

A Cold Bird Sit Hand Feeding Red-Bellied Cardinals Titmouse Blooms

By: WeatherWise, 5:45 AM GMT on February 27, 2017

Today was a mighty cold birdsitting time even though it was after 3. It was 20 to 25 degrees colder today and I could surely feel it. I was wrapped up like winter. I read a chapter in my Birds Art Life book. Seems it had been put on the back burner recently. I waited on the birds and they basically waited me out. I don't think I will ever experience the photo below. This photo was from Birds and Blooms and if you click on the photo it will take you to th...

Bird Sitting Hand Feeding the Birds Red-Bellied Woodpecker Cardinals Birds

300 Club BirdSitting Again Spring Blooms Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Raptors Love Birds

By: WeatherWise, 5:01 AM GMT on February 26, 2017

BirdSitting - Breakfast With the Birds: It was just so pretty this am I started my BirdSitting by taking my toast and milk out and watching the birds as I had breakfast- My goal is eventually to have the birds eating from my hand. First they have to become accustom to me being out there and then venture over to the cup of food on my little table. Eventually, I will hold the cup up for so long and maybe someday straight from my hand. I know a lot of folks...

Approvers Choice Feeders Hand Feeding the Birds Bird Sitting Deer spring Blossoms WU Anniversary Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Updated: 5:07 AM GMT on February 26, 2017

Stumped Red Sails In The Sunset Aka Conservatory Perhaps New Look Bird Sitting Area

By: WeatherWise, 1:56 AM GMT on February 25, 2017

Okay, so Sandi is prepping sails for her conservatory - making them herself and I am trying to figure out what in the world she is talking about. I am wondering if it is another name for her blinds and if indeed she did throw out her wonderful blind system she had installed. Such a fantastic setup.

Anyway so I guess I guessed right even though I felt stupid guessing that she was going to hang a sail. I even tried to find out if sail was anoth...

Updated: 2:52 AM GMT on February 25, 2017

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