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By: WeatherWise , 4:17 AM GMT on February 17, 2017


Not sure if you were about the blogs this afternoon or not when I was pondering if I should wander out with the cold winds. WTS popped over here and said something like it would be ashamed if I missed my walk. So, that was all it took to challenge me to face the wind and chill. Am I ever glad I did. Yes, I got cold and could feel the wind and chill right on through my coat. Quite often I had to walk backwards to weather the heavy wind gusts.

As I got to the end of the street - how tempted I was to turn right around and go back home. I looked both ways and trying to decide - the pileated woodpecker deadend or the cardinal tree deadend. i chose to head to the cardinal deadend. I was not disappointed. I found cardinals in a backyard that is visible from the street. The distance was great - however this camera works best from a distance. There were lots of beautiful cardinals there and in the cardinal tree as I got there. Yes, I was super excited at how their colors popped. Yes, I am sharing way too many but I uploaded a bunch more. If you click on the link you can see more cardinals and share my cardinal fix.

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Oh, I forgot to say that one of my Lady Cardinal photos was chosen for AC honor.

I mentioned over on GG's blog earlier today that I was trying to decide which bird to try to sketch next. I mentioned I was thinking of the flicker so today I did sketch it and added color. In scanning my brown shos up as gray. That is okay as that happens in real time too. I had trouble with the shape of the crown, the black cheek strap, and deciding on the length of the tail. All in all I was pleased with a first try. I may try a few more different ones. Or then again, I might move on to the kingfisher or pileated woodpecker.


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13. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
4:18 AM GMT on February 18, 2017
WeatherWise has created a new entry.
11. WeatherWise
8:37 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Hi AZGrandma, I have seen photos of them and they seen to have the same body language as our Northern Cardinal. I am sure I would love it but would have a hard time spelling its name. Thanks for sharing.
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10. azgrandma
7:51 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Beautiful cardinal pictures! You would like our pyrrhuloxias too. Wikipedia calls them desert cardinals, a term I had never heard before.
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9. WeatherWise
5:29 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Hi WTS, Thanks for making me rethink missing my walk yesterday despite the wind. It was a great photo time with the red cardinal. It was definitely a red cardinal afternoon.

Today is a spring day still with a chill from the COLD overnight low, so heat is running. I should just head on outside and turn the heat back inside. Just enjoy the beautiful afternoon outside, I guess.

California was in the news again today as it was last night - talking about the storm getting ready to bring rain to California. Showed some folks prepping by sandbaggin. Not sure what part of California but suspect was in that worry area.

Thanks for the visit and for checking out my cardinals and flicker sketch. Have a good weekend.
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8. WeatherWise
5:22 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Hi GrandManan, sounds like you are on your way of going about business as normal despite the snow. I guess you live in a climate where you have crews ready to go as it is not that unusual. It happens so seldom here that everything comes to a standstill until nature takes care of the melt. Seems it is an expected thing, but a lot of businesses and revenue is lost as well as schools canceled due to their lack of ethic of getting all streets cleaned so life can get back to normal within a day or so. Seems all they care about are the main roads and nothing else is hardly touched for several days. They just tell folks to stay off of the roads if possible. Different Worlds for sure so far as SNOW removal.

I can remember a time when schools did not close as there were no busses. There was a new neighborhood across the river that did not have a school and those students rode the city bus to our school. Later a small school was built there that later was enlarged to a big school. Anyway, schools never closed except the day of the snowfall if it was still snowing. Children walked to school in galoshes and those little yellow slicker raincoats if they had them. They did not stay home either. Classrooms would be full. Back in the day, folks had two sets of tires - their regular tires and then snow tires as well as chains on their tires. That was back when I first moved here - it snowed just about every Thursday, it seemed in Jan and Feb. There was a law and probably still is that residents had to clean the sidewalk in front of their houses within a certain number of hours after the snow stopped. After a few weeks of that there would be quite a bank of snow to the side. We don't get those kinds of snow anymore. We seldom get snow and usually not much of it nowadays.

Does the Gem have a helmet to wear if she gets on the ATV? Wish you had photos to share. I could not get into the cams this am. Perhaps they lost power and will need another reset.

Take care and stay warm and safe, Rob.
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7. WeatherWise
4:46 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Hi GG, Thanks. I sketched another one last night with his wings all spread out and tail feathers. I was looking at a flicker from my other book with drawings by Brenda Lyons with all of the details which I pretty much skip as they look unnatural but lines are great and simple to sketch. It is America's Favorite Birds 40 Beautiful Birds to Color. Except I don't color them, I just challenge myself to try to draw them. It is a Cornell book just published 2016 perhaps right around Christmas. The featured her drawings on the front cover of Living Bird Magazine - my last issue. That is how I learned about the book plus I think it came up in my FB newsfeed. It has a tiny color photo of each supposedly, but with this flicker she drew it one position back side whereas the color photo is a nornal front or side view one. So go figure. Luckily I have photos of just such a view so will use my photo for color ideas. Should use my photo for my sketch model, shouldn't I? Is fun and never perfect. With the new one I think the beak may be too short and body perportions are off a bit but after I add color or really after I make the first mark I have ownership of the piece and refuse to give up and quite on it. So I usually see it to the end no matter and just say birds can get themselves in some odd looking positions and this is one of them.

Hope you are feeling perkier. What were all of them saying about ginger and tea? I have decided I am off of diet drinks for awhile and have been drinking water. I do fine with straight water in the morns but seems like after lunch I am needing something else. I juiced some ornages and some lemons that were in the vegetable bin - out of sight out of mind. I poured them in kind of cocktail size special ice trays so makes a tiny cube. I froze them and popped them out into freeze bags. I take out a cube and put in my glass of water and it seems to satisfy my urge and no desire for the coke or pepsi or drpepper. So either you or Poppy - someone was giving advice for ginger tea. I happen to think that I had Crystalized Ginger by McCormick broken into tiny pieces. So tried a bit of that just in my water and that was nice, too. I then remembered I had a whole bag of a bit bigger pieces that only need one piece for a glass of water that I purchased from the Amish Store a good while back.

A neat place out in the country in North Carolina but not too far from me. Yoders Amish Market. Is a fun place to go and get REAL stuff. My friend and I make a trip out there every so often. It has been a good while since we have been out there. I think I blogged about it - was the day we veered off ot the beaten path to see the goat farm and the abandoned Nectar Vineyard and Bistro way out in the country.

Not a place you would expect to find in the middle of nowhere. Another friend and I discovered it quite by accident on our way to a picnic on a lake out that way - years ago when it was a quaint out of the way place to go. The owners sold and moved perhaps to the beach area. Not sure. A very interesting story behind that place and I loved to go there for Sunday lunch plus my friends threw a big birthday party for me out there - was the biggest surprise of my lifetime. So a lot of good memories. i do tend to go on, don't I?
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6. WeatherWise
4:05 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Hi Plapman, Going to be a spring day here. Going for a high of 65l T.
I am sure the link works well - I just don't care to play online games.
just enjoy a quick game on my computer before shutting down each night.
Of course, even though you pay for it and all it seems nothing on the computer is securely yours anymore. If you cn't remember your logon password you can't even get into your own computer or PRINTER even. I am having a print problem suddenly. Right after I scanned the flicker sketch and wanted to print it, my printer was not there in any of my programs. Seems I have lost my printer. I have not had time to fool with it as yet but am guessing I will have to reinstall it It prints fine as I put the original in the printer and used the copier mode straight from the printer and it printed fine. Plus it would print the code that expired in 90 seconds that I did not even realize it was printing until I went back to the printer. 90 seconds does not give you a long time. I forgot to sign it so was going to rescan this am and even the scanner part failed. Perhaps I touched a control button accidentally, yesterday, that threw it all off or maybe I was hacked....or guess sometimes things just happen.The control buttons are so tiny and have no labels - have to look at a key to see what each button is for. I did learn something I did not know yesterday - where the copy button is - two buttons - one for color copy or one for black and white copy. and that worked fine. It sure is a pain when your printer gets lost and no programs recognize it so can't print remotely. I will find a time when I feel like I have enough patience to deal with it and get it going again remotely. I know I can plug cable to computer but so inconvenient to do that. So a bit of troubleshooting for a future time. Sigh.
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5. WatchinTheSky
3:59 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Good morning! Looks like we will share temps today, not too bad - maybe rain here later. Good photos of the cardinals, even if not half brown/half red LOL. Nice flicker sketch :-) Have a good weekend.
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3:26 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Mornin WEATHER, from a snowbound Bermuda of the Maritimes, finally got a plough into the yard this morning, alot of snow to move around, but able to get the vehicles out on the road without four wheel drive engaged on the truck, and Donna is able to get out with no problem. It looks as if we will have a week of pleasant weather and some days with the highs on the plus side, a welcome occurrence and will certainly knock down the snowbanks in good style.

The GEM will get some snow time this weekend, Colton will put on the ATV and they have a good time together, and might do a bit of plowing, or pretend their are working for sure.

Have a good weekend.

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3. GardenGrrl
3:01 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Good Morning. Yellow Shafted Flicker. Looks good.
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2. plapman
2:58 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Good morning Weather . FIRST!
We're in for another nice day, it will be in the upper 40's. Feels like spring.
The link I posted to Spider Solitaire has given me no problems.
Have a good day.
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1. WeatherWise
1:37 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Already 40F going for sixties today for high. Have a good day and wonderful weekend.
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