Bugs be sorted!

By: Wavestorm, 5:25 PM GMT on February 17, 2017

A new SHT 15 sensor installed, firmware upgrade with CRC16 checksums and higher resolution wind speed.

Davis Anemometer New Bearings

By: Wavestorm, 6:45 PM GMT on December 04, 2016

Had to source and replace the bearings in my Davis 6410 anemometer. PE wind destroyed the bearings in under two years, awesome stuff.

My crappy chinese cheapo serial thermo humidity module was replaced for a third time in under 8 months. Planning an upgrade to a Sensirion SHT11 or better in the coming months.

New Custom Station

By: Wavestorm, 7:39 PM GMT on July 10, 2016

My new station, CIRRUSTRATUS, is up. Built using an arduino nano, Davis anemometer, a digital humidity and temperature sensor, BMP 180 digital barometer, rain gauge on the way and four auxiliary expansion ports, streams data twice a second over RS485 to WEEWX running on the raspberry pi. Never have to deal with wireless crap again. Rapidfire now updating once every two seconds. Awesome.

Build instructions and code will be up on www.wavestormsystems.com in...

Station Rebuild on the cards

By: Wavestorm, 1:01 PM GMT on June 27, 2016

My Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station is dying. Good ridden, I cannot wait until it is dead. The worst weather station I have ever owned, nothing but trouble. The anemometer housing is disintegrating (so much for "UV resistant ABS") and the humidity module has been faulty for months despite two replacements. Only after three years of service. After this, my days of using off-the-shelf consumer weather stations are over.

In the coming months I will b...

No fun at all...

By: Wavestorm, 8:48 AM GMT on January 18, 2015

Eskom load shedding damaged the power supply to my weather sevrer. The low voltage caused the server to corrupt its entire database and operating system, so the system was trashed. I have now built a raspberry pi based server with WeeWX from scratch, with a more solid power supply that will soon be on a UPS.

Viva Eskom, Viva!

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