This is the Story of a Blog

By: RobDaHood , 4:04 AM GMT on March 08, 2017

Welcome to The Ark

This is the story of a blog.

I lurked on Masters’ blog for a long time, just looking for storm information. One night, I guess Angie got tired of hearing me exclaiming to the computer things like “Look at the water vapor loop! There is a weak spot in that ridge right there! It’s going there! It’s got nowhere else to go and that ridge is weakening!” and she told me why don’t you type that! Because I have to join. Then join! Eventually I signed up as a WU member. Cotillion welcomed me, as did Pottery, somewhat tentatively...something about my avatar. Miss Nadia quizzed me about history and ships. I guess I passed the test because I soon started making friends. I got to be friends with SurfMom.

One day Surfmom encouraged me to start a blog. There had been some infighting on Doc’s blog and some trolls. This was in the days before the volunteer mod squad. “Well, what would I blog about Surfy?” How about animals. You could call it The Ark. We could all hang out there and you could keep all the trolls away and everyone would be nice and it would be a fun place to play!”

Well, one day I posted a photo of a timberwolf/malamute puppy and Angie’s hand petting it on Doc’s blog. People wanted to know more, I didn’t want to sidetrack the blog and Surfy kept saying “start a blog...start a blog!” So I did.

Some People came and looked and posted. More came. Before long it was really busy. The day came that one of Surfy’s sons was involved in a really bad automobile accident. She was so upset that she couldn’t even post, but she called me. I posted here and on her blog with regular updates until things were better and she could type about it.

So, being the go-between, I made a lot of new friends. The blog got bigger and better. We started writing cooperative fiction about a Spacecraft called The Ark and it’s gallant crew going on grand adventures. It was great fun.

Eventually there was some turmoil on the blogs and it spilled over into mine. I had responsibilities elsewhere and didn’t want a blog with trouble when I couldn’t be there to keep the peace. I didn’t really have a choice but to shut it down for a while. WU was hemorrhaging users but I did manage to keep in touch with a few people by phone and email during that time. When I was able, I came back. A short time later, I reopened the blog.

It has never been what it was in the early days, but it has been fun. I’ve made lots of friends. It has given me a creative outlet and a way to give my brain a break. I think we’ve run a pretty good ship here. Partly because I’ve been clear about my expectation of people behaving but mostly because it’s a good bunch of people who just want to get along. Some of us are very different in our religious beliefs or lack thereof, in our politics, our ages, our educational and professional just about everything. We leave that at the door because, just like in the real world, people are more alike than they are different. And here, at least, people just want to have fun and be friends.

That is what made this make believe ship magical. The crew and the readers.

That is why I don’t want to leave it all behind.

So I started a web site for The Ark to call home. It’s not perfect and it is evolving, but it is a home. A bunch of the crew, the occasional posters, and the readers have already signed up. You are welcome to come there. All you need is an email address, a first name, a user name, and if you like, an avatar. If you like you can bring your WU user name as most have. So, this is your official invitation to visit Look forward to hearing from you.

There are other’s like Aqua and Sandi who are helping keep WU users blogging. Join one of those sites, join ours, go to Facebook, do all of the above, but stay in touch.

Thanks for all the good times and the Memories!

-Captain Hood


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2nd April, 2017
For the final time on this page.
-Hood out

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