Humidity Sensor fixed

By: Ohlone, 6:11 PM GMT on February 10, 2017

Well I'm on my third Temperature Humidity sensor. Seems all the rain soaked the sensor and broke it. New one came in three days from Davis Instruments.

I've inverted the sensor mount for the Davis VP2 with fan aspirator. It looks like its back and working again. Now we just need for WU to work with the folks at Ambient VWS (Ed) to get the support for the mesonet data and forecasts working again. Realize WU just moved their servers.

We hi...

Rain Sensor Again

By: Ohlone, 5:24 PM GMT on November 03, 2015

Here we go Again!

Had to replace a broken Rain sensor the same day that we finally get rain int he Santa Cruz Mountains. Measured the accumulation using the old fashioned method, and updated the total manually.

Those dang reed switches! very fragile, but competed the job before sundown.

We are ready for the next soaking.


Anemometer Problems

By: Ohlone, 11:45 PM GMT on January 02, 2015

Huge winds blew the roof off the chicken coop, and broke the anemometer wires.

We took some time to repair the break and cleaned up the Mast which was bent. I shortened it to a single mast to make maintenance a bit easier.

Prior month, we had the temperature / humidiy sensor break which was replaced.

8 years of service in Santa Cruz mountains takes its toll on weather hardware. ;)


VP2 Solar powered temerature aspiration upgrade at

By: Ohlone, 3:50 AM GMT on August 30, 2006

All,I upgraded the weather stations temperature and humidity sensor readings by adding the solar powered air aspiration upgrade. When the sun is out the panel runs a little fan which draws air over the temperature sensor for more accurate readings on windless days. It was a fairly painless upgrade and is now running for several weeks.Also I added a second set of guy wires to stabilize the anemometer mast even more. Next time the gusts come in the winter it will b...


By: Ohlone, 7:02 PM GMT on July 24, 2006

Last weekend we hit an unbelievable 110 degrees at the station. Relief slowly is coming this week.With no AC, its been pretty tough sleeping, (The low was 90 Saturday night).Heading to the coast on Sunday dropped to 69 with a breeze. Ahhh!-Ohlone

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