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By: GRANDMANAN , 12:45 PM GMT on February 17, 2017

The wind had swung around from the NE to a vigorous SW this morning, the snow finally quit early yesterday afternoon, to say the landscape is a winter wonderland is a bit of misnomer, it is a bit overwhelming, to say the least. Have no idea what come down, but lots of it and still getting things back to normal. The breeze SW 20-25KPH will stay in that range and might escalate as the day moves along. The temp is co-operating -3C, cloudy and temp might rise on the plus side before the day is done, next few days on the plus side for high and Sunday might get a bit of rain.

Still having a few fallout's of the recent stormy week, no landline telephone for three days, one day internet and online the next at it is now off line. A minor inconvenience for the snow and wind we have had for at least a week. The Highway Crew certainly have to be recommended to even have the road open, getting things tidied up, and already the road is getting clear of ice.

The boat missed one trip yesterday, by the 11:30AM departure from North Head back on schedule.

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4. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
12:12 PM GMT on February 18, 2017
GRANDMANAN has created a new entry.
3. WeatherWise
6:00 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Hi GrandManan, I was able to open your cams and see the snow with sun giving it a real glow on the light house view - that one was clear as a whistle. The others wee not so much so. Noreast was a bit of a whiteout of fog or something. The NetPoint showe a lot of snow, too and the entrance never opened. I am not sure I have seen the lighthouse view looking quite so white before. Beautiful. I need you to draw me a map as to what is actually on that view is all of that completely lighhouse properties or are there homes located there as well, that I can not see. I know one time it looked like something on the left side with lots of cars but think the camera has been shifted a bit. I like today's view. Okay, have a good one.
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2. chunks
5:12 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Dear Rob:


Currently . . . -1, a very pleasant but stiff SE breeze. I shovelled so much yesterday that I for once feel exhausted from doing it. I think it is actually the part of making a full scoop of snow go up the ever mountainous snowbanks, but ---- there is no where else to put it. The town has not came and lugged away any of the huge, street plowed snow so you can't see a thing when you pull out of anywhere. If we get any more it could be a true hazard.

Work had to be delayed once again until 12 noon yesterday. I am sure the owner of the store is having total shock of losing income, but seriously, who would have been out in that before noon anyway is beyond me.

Today have to snowshoe to the greenhouse and get snow off the roof down there before we get any warm weather or such. Also, may have to attempt some sort of rescue of the woodpile. There is a HUGE drift on the roof but I am not touching that. I can't do roof work at all.

Well, I'd better get to it. Happy shovelling and PRAY for the snow to let off for a bit.

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1. WeatherWise
1:31 PM GMT on February 17, 2017
Good Morning GrandManan. Sounds like tough times with your weather OF SNOW and ice and temps
Will check to see if your cams are working this morning after I turn my computer on. I know they may have lost power. Must have been really bad to have lost land line phone. They almost never go out. That reminds me I need to buy a new plugin to phone Jack type phone for times of losing power. Those fancy electronic devices that do everything are great but not a bit of good when the power goes out.

From what you say YOU may be IN for a few days. Do you have one of those vehicles that goes right ON no matter the weather conditions? BE careful if you get out as would be NO fun TO get stuck. Take care. Get Donna TO put on an extra large pot of HOT CHOCOLATE and enjoy your weekend, Rob.
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