Sensor can be blown away by wind and got smashed since the fixation column is weak

By: DrFahmy, 10:57 AM GMT on March 11, 2017

On Saturday 11 Mar 2017 I've observed that the outdoor sensor fixed on a camera tube has been got inclined to the north under the impact of the strong Southern wind (>20 km/hour) that has blown for couple of days, and found that the inner camera tube turns round inside the outer camera tube despite the tight fixation of the inner tube to the outer tube by three staple screws. It seems that there is an engraved tunnel through which the screws go and thus they don't p...

Struggle Between the Sahara and the Mediterranean Basin: Story of Millennial Drought

By: DrFahmy, 12:21 PM GMT on January 27, 2017

What is more astonishing when you get look to the Globe from space other than observing this huge desert area, the Sahara. Extremely dry land space with no drop of water for 40 years or more and then suddenly a temporary thunderstorm flashes that turn into violent runoff surging within few hours/days in astonishing network of water engorged canals that developed like by devil. Extreme drought dominant scenario that continued therein for >40 000 years, An open-air mu...

Climate Change Drought Climate Change

Bad pieces of data are "sticking" (cannot be removed) from my WU site, Why?

By: DrFahmy, 9:25 AM GMT on January 27, 2017

I was wrong on the procedure to delete the bad data (wind gust, precipitation, temperature, dew point and pressure), but later on, since couple of days, I've learned how to do it correctly using the "Edit" history button on a day by day basis and the "Return" button.

It worked fine for certain days but didn't for others. On my side I don't know why or how to fix that flaw other than repeating the procedure for those days over and over with no result (the...


Two Wind Directions = Different Relative Humidity and Deuterium-Excess

By: DrFahmy, 8:57 AM GMT on January 27, 2017

Water losses by evaporation is highly controlled by several environmental factors yes but the most important driving force is the combined effect of air temperature and humidity deficiency. To account for the evaporation rates (that strongly changes during the hours of each day) one must run evaporation experiments. However, the weather data is badly required for any good interpretation and to get any model fit the observations. Deuterium-excess is a major key in t...

Climate Change Drought Flood

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