Tue, March 28/17

By: CapitalOttawa, 2:22 PM GMT on March 28, 2017

+3C, grey and misty has replaced the overnight fog. Sorry to hear this site is shutting down personal blogs. I've enjoyed daily visits to several keeping up on happenings around the continent. I'll miss that.

Wed. Feb.22/17

By: CapitalOttawa, 11:32 AM GMT on February 22, 2017

Partly cloudy and 0C going up to 6C in the PM. Fredericton bound. Mother is concluding her earthly journey at 92 yo. A long life devoted to family, service to others and her strong faith. She is ready to go and anxious to be reunited with Dad, her partner for 73 years.
Will be absent from here for a while.

Tue. Feb.21/17

By: CapitalOttawa, 1:24 PM GMT on February 21, 2017

Overcast and -6C this morning with a southerly breeze and a barometer at 1028 hpa. Good chance of rain showers this afternoon as temps get up to 4C. Expecting mild temps into the weekend. No official announcement but looks like the canal skating is probably done for this year. Great supper last night with No.1 son and two oldest Grands - ribs and wings. Finger foods always welcome with them.

Mon. Feb.20/17

By: CapitalOttawa, 1:35 PM GMT on February 20, 2017

A beautiful day for Family Day holiday
Clear sunny skies and -6C to start the day. No significant wind and the barometer is high at 1023 hpa. We expect about 5C this afternoon and maybe some precip tomorrow when it's back to school and work for the non-retirees.
A quiet day yesterday. We arrived at the curling rink to discover no curling lessons because of the holiday weekend. The Grands had slept over the night before so we returned here for a couple more...

Sun. Feb.20/17

By: CapitalOttawa, 1:12 PM GMT on February 19, 2017

The thaw is underway.
It got all the way up to 8C yesterday and only went down to -1C overnight. It will certainly go above freezing as the day progresses. Bright sunny skies are almost a novelty but certainly welcome. The city snow removal people arrived yesterday and reoved the snowbanks on both sides of the street. It's nice to be able to drive down the street without having to stop for oncoming vehicles. Birdfeeders have been restocked and await today's bir...

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